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Dear friends,

October is almost over and the days are growing darker. Aaron and I have been setting our alarm for 5:30am, but when the cell phone song goes off we just lay there in the still completely dark room. This morning, I lay in bed and wished I wasn’t trying to give up caffeine… I also thought of what I wanted to say in this monthly newsletter.

I have been fortunate over the years to have a number of galleries throughout Canada get behind my work. Days in my studio now consist of making works that I send to various places across the country.

Most recently, OC Delivery picked up nine paintings and delivered them to Masters Gallery here in Calgary. A few weeks ago, I went painting with fellow landscape artist David Veres; we drove up to the mountains on a golden day and spent the afternoon at the base of Mount Yamnuska, working on our respective canvases. We both wrote about the experiences and posted them on the Masters Gallery blog: https://mastersgallery.wordpress.com. Various fall works are now at the gallery, so if you have a chance to see the paintings in person, please go check them out. To view the paintings online, visit: http://www.mastersgalleryltd.com/artists/amy-dryer/artworks/there-is-a-season-2015.

Also, my summer explorations of the bicycle are in the news section of the Assiniboia Gallery website; I have explored the turquoise cruiser from all angles over the past few months. http://www.assiniboia.com/News.cfm.

Finally, my dad and I built and shipped a large box this past month to Buckland Merrifield Gallery.  Buckland Merrifield has recently opened and there are a few photos posted on the FB page of the first showing there: https://www.facebook.com/Buckland-Merrifield-Gallery-1602353733365324/?pnref=story. If you are in Eastern Canada, take a moment to visit this amazing gallery. Peter Buckland is a great person and a huge advocate for art in Canada.

Thanks for reading my newsletter and following my work.


a m y   d r y e r



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Dear Friends,


September. I always associate this month with a return to something – a new beginning. I think it’s the rhythm of school that starts you on this pattern as a young person, but the feeling has remained throughout my life.


There are a few beginnings happening in my world that I thought I would let you know about. I am starting to show with a new gallery in eastern Canada which is very exciting. I have long admired Peter Buckland, and he and Shannon Merrifield are opening a space this fall called Buckland Merrifield Gallery. I have been making paintings throughout the summer that I will ship accross Canada soon. Peter Buckland has featured these paintings on his blog: http://buckartblog.com. The gallery also has a new website:http://www.bucklandmerrifield.com.


This fall, Aaron and I travelled to Ontario, where we hiked into the woods of Algonquin Park. We explored the richness of the area, camped off the grid near a cabin that Tom Thomson lived in when he was a ranger in 1916, and I painted. With Aaron’s help, we carried large canvases into the woods and bogs and I set up my paintings against trees and rocks. A process of connecting to the Group of Seven, and the raw, uncontrollable environment around me ensued. A few paintings have begun to take shape, describing this space; I will continue to work on pieces this next year exploring the Ontario and Alberta landscapes.


Finally, I am teaching a workshop at the Calgary School of Art on Saturday November 28th. The Saturday class aims to explore the objects that we choose to paint and their personal meaning and symbolism. If you would like to know more about this class, please visit: http://calgaryschoolofart.ca/shop/workshops/mixed-media-workshop-with-amy-dryer/.


Thank you for your continued interest in my work and life.




a m y   d r y e r



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Dear Friends,


Good morning. This summer has had me painting almost entirely in my backyard; the hot dry days welcomed me outdoors and I found myself getting up early in the morning while the light was still soft. I filled my home studio with canvases and material and allowed my muse to wash over me – the turquoise cruiser, my good friend’s bicycle.


Various subjects – chairs, canoes, now bicycles – often draw me in. These forms and shapes, when put together, represent something more than the combination of their parts. The bicycle – and particularly the cruiser – represents an innocence, a sense of personal adventure, a new orientation. Though I have not ridden a bike very much, I am drawn to the bicycle because it symbolizes the possibility of personal exploration.


And I have explored this bicycle from many angles. I have placed the bike under the dappled light of my backyard trees; I’ve put it in front of the garage/ home studio orange door; I’ve moved the bicycle into the garden. It gave me a way to delve into a personal landscape, the morning light in my backyard, the changing flowers and foliage of my garden, the evening shadows, the clover. Looking back over the summer this bicycle had me experience a sense of wonder in my own backyard.


To view the paintings in process, photos of my garden, and some of my inspiration, I have also been documenting my art and life regularly through Instagram: https://instagram.com/amy.dryer/. These bicycle paintings have gone to a number of galleries across Canada, so please look for the work in person this fall.


Thanks for your continued interest in my work and enjoy the rest of the summer days.




a m y   d r y e r



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Dear Friends,


I finished my show at Masters Gallery in May; there were a number of people who came out to my talk and opening and ‘Viewpoint’ marked my second solo exhibit at Masters. ‘Where’ magazine wrote about the body of work in an article called ‘ A Magical Reality.’http://www.joomag.com/magazine/where-calgary-magazine-may-june-2015/0289341001430408734/p28. If you would still like to see some of my work at Masters Gallery, a selection of paintings remain there. They can be viewed in person or online at: http://www.mastersgalleryltd.com/artists/amy-dryer/.


This month, I have also had the opportunity to donate to some incredible organizations. Fever Communications put on a fundraiser for Servants Anonymous and I was honoured to participate. I painted ‘Dove in Hand’ at the event (see image below). For info about Fever, please check out: https://www.facebook.com/FeverCommunications?fref=ts; to learn about Servants Anonymous, please visit: http://servantsanon.com).


I also had a chance to paint some Fluevog Shoes during a fundraiser for Young Life. Money raised helps several young people attend camp. I’ve enclosed a photo of the shoes below, but if you would like, you can also see the shoes in process on my Instagram feed. https://instagram.com/amy.dryer/


As the Spring transitions to summer, I am sending a number of paintings off again. This time, my work is going to Elevation Gallery in Canmore for their 15th Anniversary Show! “My Village is a Hive of Glass” is opening on July 11th. There will be music, poetry, dance and an interactive art project.
The party will go on long into the evening! For further information, please contact: http://www.elevationgallery.ca


Hope to see you soon.  Have an amazing Spring!




a m y   d r y e r



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Dear Friends,


Hope this April newsletter finds you well. My art show at Masters Gallery is fast approaching and I am now doing the finishing touches on my paintings. Dates to save are May 2 at 2pm for an Artist Talk and May 8th from 5-8pm for the Reception/ Party. I realize that the Flames may be playing the evening of May 8th. If that is the case, please feel free to wear your Flames jerseys to the gallery; coming to my show at Masters will be a great combination of culture and sport! There’s word that the Flames game may even be available for viewing during the show for those die-hard fans attending.


The paintings in my ‘Viewpoint’ exhibit depict the local experience of people, places, and objects; the work hints at the ‘magical’ made present through color, line, and spontaneous form. The aim of the work is to re-see everyday place through an immediacy of contact.


I have also continued to explore Frida Kahlo in my paintings. I feel that I owe much to Frida’s example of placing her art, herself and her opinions in the public realm. I paint Frida as a way to dialogue with her across time – artist to artist. I find through this process that we are often reflected.


Again, the show will hang between May 1-9, with an Artist Talk on May 2 at 2 pm. For a preview of the work or to view it online, please visit: http://www.mastersgalleryltd.com/exhibitions/viewpoint. I am so pleased with this series of paintings and I can’t wait to share them with you. They are magical works…


If you would like to know the date of the reception, please email me at amydryer@fragmentsofsoul.com.


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