Dear friends,

October is almost over and the days are growing darker. Aaron and I have been setting our alarm for 5:30am, but when the cell phone song goes off we just lay there in the still completely dark room. This morning, I lay in bed and wished I wasn’t trying to give up caffeine… I also thought of what I wanted to say in this monthly newsletter.

I have been fortunate over the years to have a number of galleries throughout Canada get behind my work. Days in my studio now consist of making works that I send to various places across the country.

Most recently, OC Delivery picked up nine paintings and delivered them to Masters Gallery here in Calgary. A few weeks ago, I went painting with fellow landscape artist David Veres; we drove up to the mountains on a golden day and spent the afternoon at the base of Mount Yamnuska, working on our respective canvases. We both wrote about the experiences and posted them on the Masters Gallery blog: Various fall works are now at the gallery, so if you have a chance to see the paintings in person, please go check them out. To view the paintings online, visit:

Also, my summer explorations of the bicycle are in the news section of the Assiniboia Gallery website; I have explored the turquoise cruiser from all angles over the past few months.

Finally, my dad and I built and shipped a large box this past month to Buckland Merrifield Gallery.  Buckland Merrifield has recently opened and there are a few photos posted on the FB page of the first showing there: If you are in Eastern Canada, take a moment to visit this amazing gallery. Peter Buckland is a great person and a huge advocate for art in Canada.

Thanks for reading my newsletter and following my work.


a m y   d r y e r