Dear Friends,


September. I always associate this month with a return to something – a new beginning. I think it’s the rhythm of school that starts you on this pattern as a young person, but the feeling has remained throughout my life.


There are a few beginnings happening in my world that I thought I would let you know about. I am starting to show with a new gallery in eastern Canada which is very exciting. I have long admired Peter Buckland, and he and Shannon Merrifield are opening a space this fall called Buckland Merrifield Gallery. I have been making paintings throughout the summer that I will ship accross Canada soon. Peter Buckland has featured these paintings on his blog: The gallery also has a new website:


This fall, Aaron and I travelled to Ontario, where we hiked into the woods of Algonquin Park. We explored the richness of the area, camped off the grid near a cabin that Tom Thomson lived in when he was a ranger in 1916, and I painted. With Aaron’s help, we carried large canvases into the woods and bogs and I set up my paintings against trees and rocks. A process of connecting to the Group of Seven, and the raw, uncontrollable environment around me ensued. A few paintings have begun to take shape, describing this space; I will continue to work on pieces this next year exploring the Ontario and Alberta landscapes.


Finally, I am teaching a workshop at the Calgary School of Art on Saturday November 28th. The Saturday class aims to explore the objects that we choose to paint and their personal meaning and symbolism. If you would like to know more about this class, please visit:


Thank you for your continued interest in my work and life.




a m y   d r y e r