Dear Friends,


Good morning. This summer has had me painting almost entirely in my backyard; the hot dry days welcomed me outdoors and I found myself getting up early in the morning while the light was still soft. I filled my home studio with canvases and material and allowed my muse to wash over me – the turquoise cruiser, my good friend’s bicycle.


Various subjects – chairs, canoes, now bicycles – often draw me in. These forms and shapes, when put together, represent something more than the combination of their parts. The bicycle – and particularly the cruiser – represents an innocence, a sense of personal adventure, a new orientation. Though I have not ridden a bike very much, I am drawn to the bicycle because it symbolizes the possibility of personal exploration.


And I have explored this bicycle from many angles. I have placed the bike under the dappled light of my backyard trees; I’ve put it in front of the garage/ home studio orange door; I’ve moved the bicycle into the garden. It gave me a way to delve into a personal landscape, the morning light in my backyard, the changing flowers and foliage of my garden, the evening shadows, the clover. Looking back over the summer this bicycle had me experience a sense of wonder in my own backyard.


To view the paintings in process, photos of my garden, and some of my inspiration, I have also been documenting my art and life regularly through Instagram: These bicycle paintings have gone to a number of galleries across Canada, so please look for the work in person this fall.


Thanks for your continued interest in my work and enjoy the rest of the summer days.




a m y   d r y e r